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Increase Foot Traffic

Features like Card Isle Pick Up drive customers to your location.

Free Up Floor Space

Our on-demand inventory model eliminates the need for bulky greeting card displays.

Hassle-free Holidays

Our cloud-connected platform updates every day, so you never have to worry about outdated inventory.

Card Examples
Card Examples

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What do I need to get a Card Isle?

All you need to get your very own Card Isle for your location is an available power outlet, reliable internet access, and to let us know that you want one - fill out the form above to get your Card Isle today!

How soon can I get a Card Isle?

This is completely up to you! We will work within your timeline and schedule to ensure you get the Card Isle service you want up and running as soon as possible.

How much does a Card Isle cost?

We have competitive and affordable pricing plans for every type of need. Fill out the form above and our sales team will be in touch to schedule a product consultation and discuss pricing options.