The Crazy Notion of Greeting Card Kiosks Explained

Like all ideas, the vision of Card Isle existed in our founders heads for a while, but  has since progressed through many real-life iterations. The irony of making this crazy notion of a greeting card kiosk a reality, is that it starts to feel a lot less extraordinary in our minds. That is, until our team talks to artists, investors, people we meet everyday and they say, “Wait, wait, wait…how does that work again?” So, by popular demand, I thought to break down our kiosks here in the blog. It’s kind of a little belated introduction to who we are and what we’re all about.  


Hi! My name is Card Isle!

Card Isle is our company. Card Isles are our fun, convenient card aisles of the future. See what we did there? A Card Isle is about 2.5 feet wide, less than 2 feet deep, and 6.5 feet tall. It thrives on corporate campuses, in college towns, hospitals, and grocery stores and drug stores, but is highly adaptive so you can request a kiosk in your area. The care and keeping of Card Isles is taken care of by qualified Card Isle technicians. When you meet your first Card Isle, here is what you can expect.


The landing page.

The screen is a touchscreen, so don’t be shy. Dive in by touching the splash page. Browse through traditional and unique categories to see our curated assortment of cards. Use keywords and recipient searches to locate the perfect one.


Search away with thousands of designs at your fingertips.

When you find that card, you’ll have the option to customize the inside. There are suggested prose in case you’re stumped on what to say. Contributing artists also provide a short bio so you can learn more about the designers we support.


Preview your selection.


Edit the inside with your choice of prose.

Time for the magic

Once you’re set with your card, the Card Isle gets to work its magic. Thanks to our professional quality printers, your one-off card is created cleanly in high resolution. Our paper is 60lb stock with a luxurious textured exterior for a bit of pizazz and refinement. Remember to take an envelope. They come in white and soft brown. Card Isles accept credit and debit cards. If you buy 3 cards, your fourth one is free. That’s four opportunities to brighten someone’s day with a greeting card in the mail.

More meaningful messages

At Card Isle, we stand for authentic, personal interactions. We want to facilitate connectivity, whatever that looks like for you and your friends and family. The experience of getting a card in the mail is so singularly special. You can feel the thought in the action and the words. Even if you think you’re not the type to send a greeting card, we’re here to make it as convenient and relevant to your life to do so. Try a kiosk out today or request one in your area by shooting us an email at