Card Isle's Customer Success Philosophy

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At Card Isle we believe that we offer a unique product that can be a game changer for applicable companies, but we believe even more that what truly makes us standout is our high-touch approach to customer service.

From our client partnerships to our artists to our vendors, each interaction that we have is equally important and handled with the utmost care and positivity. The Card Isle Customer Success Team has been trained to understand, embrace, and embody this philosophy -- and when we reviewed our 2023 End of Year Survey, that sentiment was echoed back by our customer base. In fact, our total response average was a 9 out of 10 stars!

Here is what some of our customers are saying about Card Isle:


  • It’s the people at Card Isle who are just amazing to work with and truthfully, it’s been just a great experience. We don't ever feel like an interruption, and we feel like someone is working with us and saying, ‘Let's help you figure out whatever's going on.’ If there's something that even doesn't fall under Card Isle’s purview, the team will still just go above and beyond to say, ‘How can we get this fixed?’ to help point us in the right direction. You're just so great to work with and we all really love that.
  • Your reps are the best I have encountered in the retail industry.
  • They are very courteous and professional, as well as knowledgeable when I have screwed something up and it needs fixing.
Your reps are the best I have encountered in the retail industry.


  • The support has been phenomenal. The customer service has been great. We're extremely happy!
  • What Card Isle does is fabulous, they are a great partner to work with, but most importantly this is a great offering for our customers.
We're extremely happy!


  • You all have THE best and most reliable customer service of anyone in our industry! Kudos to your team for always making me feel like a VIP.
  • Card Isle has a great team of engineers that make it all work.
Kudos to your team for always making me feel like a VIP.


  • I am delighted to know that the co-founder himself has taken the time to email me. I discovered your program through my employer, and while I cannot speak on her behalf, I can assure you that your product has greatly benefited our small floral business. It has opened doors that were previously closed to us and I have noticed an increase in new customers who come to us because of the products we print using your software.

    Even though there may not be a direct benefit to me, I find joy in seeing some of the unique designs that come through your program. This is why I decided to research the artist program and explore more of what you have to offer.

    Keep creating smiles!
  • Thanks for your quick and kind reaction. You make me happy to be a card isle artist!
You make me happy to be a card isle artist!

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About Card Isle

Card Isle is committed to preserving and updating the traditional practice of greeting card giving for the digital age. Founded in 2013, Card Isle works to make greeting cards more personal, accessible and meaningful. Card Isle has brought to market multiple internet connected print-on-demand greeting card technologies and is the leading personalized greeting card provider in the floral, grocery and ecommerce markets. Card Isle partners with hundreds of independent artists around the world to bring personalized and unique designs to retailers near you. If you would like to learn more about Card Isle, visit or email