Job Interview Pro-tip: Send a Thank You Card

You did it, you made it past the impersonal online application and landed an interview for the perfect job. So did a bunch of other ambitious hopefuls. Card Isle is here to share a huge pro-tip for standing out among the herd of applicants. Send a thank you card. Do it. Thank you cards are not dead. According to a survey by online job-matching service The Ladders, 75 percent of interviewers said that receiving a thank you letter from candidates affects their decision-making process (as reported by Business News Daily). So nail the interview and then rise above the competition with a handwritten note of appreciation. We’ll tell you how.


Card Isle has perfect designs for professional thank you notes. Cover art by Kearah Donato. 

Break the Monotony

The corporate recruiter you are dealing with has to listen to hundreds of elevator pitches each day. Polish yours. Feature what makes you unique, and insert something that you are genuinely interested in learning from the recruiter to kick off the conversation. Bonus points for asking a question that you couldn’t answer by visiting their webpage.


Be original and authentic in your correspondence with recruiters. Cover art by Running River Design.

Establish a Personal Connection 

Nobody wants to hire a robot. Find something you’re both genuinely interested in that has substance. When they are reviewing your application at the hotel bar later that evening, you want the recruiter to pull their colleague over and say “Hey did you get a chance to speak with [insert your name here]?  They were…[insert positive anecdote here]!”


“A handwritten thank you note shows a focus on communicating NOT on communications,” quote from survey among corporate recruiters. Cover art by Noah Yager. 

Follow Through 

Be available and ready to answer your phone, be quick to respond to email, and complete absolutely every step needed to officially apply for the job. Not completing this stuff does not make you stand out it simply keeps your application out of the garbage can.  


“In my 12 years as a recruiter I have only ever received ONE handwritten thank you note and it had a huge impact.” quote from survey among corporate recruiters. Cover art by Tina Repass Designs. 


Within 24 hours, send a thank you note highlighting the personal connection you established during the conversation or interview. If you managed to snag an address, be quick: bust out the pen and paper and send a handwritten note in addition. CareerBuilder released a survey that showed 22 percent of hiring managers are less likely to hire a job candidate if they don’t send a thank you note after an interview because they believe it shows a lack of follow-through and that they aren’t serious about the job opportunity. That ain’t you. You’re serious and your hand written note will stand out to your future employer. Here are suggestions for what to include in a professional thank you note:

  1. The hiring manager’s name 
  2. The title of the position you’re applying for
  3. Something specific about the interview
  4. Appreciation for their time
  5. Recognition of the next steps in the hiring process
  6. Contact information

The relationship you are building with your future employer starts before you even open your mouth. From the beginning, focus on your goal (getting a job that you like/enjoy/love). Do your homework and be prepared. Be genuine, ask real questions, and when you find the beginnings of a personal connection dig deeper, focus and don’t forget to FOLLOW-UP.