What makes a great corporate card?

Want to provide cards for our extensive corporate customer base, but aren’t sure what corporate customers are looking for? Never fear! Here are some hand tips to jazz up your corporate card creation game:

1. While cards designed for corporate use should strive to be ‘safe for work’, i.e. workplace appropriate, they don’t need to be ‘serious’ - play up the creativity and fun, just like you would for any other market! Our corporate customers are looking to vitalize their employees using fun and creative cards for all occasions!

2. Oftentimes, HR professionals or managers have a large number of employees they need to celebrate for common occasions like birthdays or employee anniversaries, but they don’t want the cards they give to seem like ‘everyone gets the same one’. Make cards that have a fun spin on common occasions, especially with some kind of workplace-related humor or flair, and you’ll have a better chance of being a hit with these high-volume card purchasers!

3. It’s tempting to recycle graphics once you’ve created a card for an occasion with multiple applications, like employee anniversaries - making the same card for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 year milestones and changing nothing but the number is a recipe for low card sales. Change the color, one element of the design, the imagery, or even the phrasing to mix things up and help your cards stand out in categories filled with repetitive card designs.

4. Create cards with broad appeal, but specific use cases. Ex. Employee Appreciation Day cards that will appeal to recipients regardless of gender, age, etc. 

5. Alternatively, create cards for specific recipient groups, but be sure to create cards for a wide range of specific recipients. Keep in mind the reasons people are buying these types of cards and ensure your designs meet their needs without pigeonholing them.

What do you think makes a great corporate card? Let us know by emailing marybeth@cardisle.com