The 2024 Guide To Getting Started With Card Isle

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Your company makes incredible products that customers love to gift for their most important occasions, but are your in-box gift messaging options lacking the quality and personalization that your brand deserves?

At Card Isle, we believe:

A Great Gift = An Amazing Product + A Meaningful Message

Why settle for 150 characters on a packing slip when you've put so much thought into the other aspects of your unboxing experience?

Let Card Isle Elevate Your Gift Messaging

Everyday we assist thousands of customers in sending printed greeting cards, video & gift messages through our partnerships with companies like 1800 Flowers, Bryan Anthonys & Giften Market. We're ready to help your company do the same.

In this article we provide an overview of the solutions and services Card Isle provides and the questions you should ask yourself before kickstarting a new gift messaging initiative at your company.

What Gift Message Solution Is Right For Your Brand?

Whether you are a brand with 500 franchised storefronts, or a specialty eCommerce store running with a handful of employees, we have a solution for you:

Personalized Greeting Cards

Let your customers choose from photo and greeting card designs for all occasions to add to their gifts. Our fully featured design UX allows you to upsell one-of-a-kind greeting cards and print them on-demand.

  • Greeting card design experience embeds seamlessly into any website
  • 10-20% of customers choose Card Isle greeting cards over a complimentary message
  • Increase AOV & reduce cart abandonment
  • Integrate Video Messages and AI Message Assistant
  • Millions of one-of-a-kind cards and photo cards sold
  • Available in A2 and A7 sizes
  • Curate from a selection of 10,000+ designs for all occasions

Branded Gift Notes

Want a simple gift note that matches the quality and style of your brand? Our feature-rich gift note solution is perfect for high-end complimentary gift messages.

Personalized Inserts

Leverage your customer data and create one-on-one relationships with your customers by adding a personalized product insert in every box. With this technology you are only limited by your imagination.

  • Customer-specific bounce back offers
  • Special promotions for return customers.
  • Occasion & holiday reminders
  • Product suggestions
  • Customer loyalty offers

Our Gift Messaging Innovations

Card Isle continualy brings new technologies to the eCommerce gifting space. All of our printed products can be integrated with the latest in gift messaging technology.

Video Messages

The Card Isle Video Message tool is a fully featured enterprise gift messaging solution. This feature allows customers to amplify their personalized messages and transform their purchases into deeply moving gifts.

AI Messaging Assistant

This feature leverages AI to help your customers write a better card, translate their message to another language or stylize it to look professional. This assistance removes the frustration of creating their own prose, and instead empowers customers to get their thoughts across in the exact way they wish.

Rich Text Editor

Gift messages created on your site will be printed exactly as your customer composed them. What they see is what they get - no matter the language, font, emojis or alignment.

Do you want to upsell your gift message or add it as a perk?

Depending on your brand’s needs, you may be looking to increase your average order value by upselling a premium gift message like a greeting card, or this may be a way to differentiate you from your competitors.

As An Upsell

In most gifting industries, Card Isle sees a 15-20% take rate for greeting cards as an upsell. We have over a decade of experience and can help you transform your gift message into a bottom line boosting profit driver that customers love.

As a Perk

Work with Card Isle to create an amazing gift messaging experience for your customers that will be sure to reflect positively on your brand. For many customers, Card Isle will provide a greeting card upsell option and a free premium gift note.

Where do you want to sell your gift messages?

Whether on your website, in-store, or over the phone, we have gift messaging solutions for you.

eCommerce Websites

We will provide a market-proven integration on your website product or checkout pages, or both.


Card Isle offers multiple features for in-store greeting card sales:

  • Scan a custom QR Codes to active a greeting card design experience
  • Tablet design stations: Customers design their messages on a touchscreen or comuter.
  • Grab and Go: Pre print Card Isle cards with blank or default prose.

Over the Phone
We also offer a user-friendly phone order tool that allows phone based sales agents to send an email or text invite to a customer to design their gift message.

It's Easy To Get Started

So you think you might want to work with Card Isle? Here is what it will look like to get going

Step 1. Demo Call
A Card Isle Sales Associate will schedule a demo call with you to learn more about you and your facility’s needs.

Step 2. Evaluation of Your Needs
Our application engineering team will evaluate your business and come up with the correct printing and software solution for your business needs.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes. If you are a small town flower shop or a natioinal brand with multiple distribution cetners, we have a profitable and relable solution for you.

Our gift messaging design experiences are designed to easily integrate into your website by adding a few lines of java scrtipt to the footer. We'll handle the rest, making it a low-code method to have Card Isle integrated onto your website.

Step 3. Setting Up
Depending on the scope of the project, we can assist you with setting up your printer remotely or send a team to your location.

Either way, Our Virginia-based Customer Success Team is standing by to provide top-tier customer service via phone call, email, or chat.

Step 4. We'll Keep You Printing
Once you are set up and fully integrated with your Card Isle solution, we will remotely montor you printer and inventorty, and are only a call away in case you need anything.

Ready To Get Started?

To get started with Card Isle, here are some ways to reach out and set up a demo: