Case Study: Family Flowers Delivers Love

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Meet Family Flowers, a long-standing, family-owned fourth generation florist group dedicated to preserving and enhancing the legacy of beloved businesses. The McCarthys, passionate about spreading joy through flowers, have made a lasting mark in the industry. With 25 floral locations in 10 states and a rapidly growing eCommerce brand, BOKAY, it's likely you have bumped into a Family Flowers brand.

In their pursuit of growth and brand expansion and providing a distinctive and personalized experience, Family Flowers has collaborated with Card Isle, for many years to provide personalized greeting cards with each of their orders.

This partnership has elevated the gifting experience, providing customers with a unique and personalized way to help Family Flowers meet their mission - to Deliver Love.


Family Flowers established a connection with Card Isle following conversations with a friend in the floral industry. The President and COO of Family Flowers and Founder of BOKAY, Kevin McCarthy, shares, “We had done some handwritten cards and notes previously and they were very popular, but it’d been a few years […] We think anything that helps enhance the personalization of the journey for the customer and the recipient is something that’s truly outstanding.”

When we learned how you could customize cards with Card Isle - how you can choose the appropriate card or add your own photos of important moments, we thought this was a perfect fit for what we do as a personalized business.”

And so, Family Flowers signed with Card Isle in October 2019, marking the start of a successful collaboration.


Kevin McCarthy reflects on their journey. “[Card Isle] was a very one-on-one experience. We worked together, understood what the needs were from the hardware side, and Card Isle got us basically set up right away.”

At first, Family Flowers had concerns about potential supply shortages and troubleshooting issues. However, Card Isle's involvement helped these concerns. Card Isle not only supplies the paper and ink used to produce on-demand cards, ensuring consistent quality, but also maintains an on-call Customer Service team ready to assist with inquiries or issues.

Card Isle integrated their greeting card experience directly into Family Flower's eCommerce platform hosted by Teleflora. Family Flowers dropped a few lines of code into their website, and just like that they were selling greeting cards. Many of the Family Flowers shops are also selling cards to walk-in, over-the-phone, and Door Dash orders using Card Isle's suite of greeting card upsell tools.

The onboarding was smooth and it went better than I think anyone expected.” McCarthy raves.

Card Isle's Integration with FF

Card Isle's integration on Fallon Flowers.


“Since we’ve implemented [Card Isle] in our sites,” McCarthy reports, “It has become one of our most popular options. In fact, it’s our most popular option for add-ons, out of anything we have […] It is our number one best-selling add-on item. The people love something unique - they love the fact they can go the extra mile and personalize something.”

We have had very positive reactions because we have Card Isle on our sites.”

As a team, Card Isle and Family Flowers guarantee that every bouquet receives the personalization it truly deserves for senders and recipients.

McCarthy summarizes the experience. “When we first started with Card Isle, we were just testing it out. We didn’t know how it was going to be. We quickly realized that Card Isle was something customers really, really liked and we rapidly expanded it to all of our stores. Now, we have over 25 locations in 10 states, and almost all of them have a Card Isle card printer - and people absolutely love it."

"The truth of the matter is, it exceeded our expectations."

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About Card Isle

Card Isle is committed to preserving and updating the traditional practice of greeting card giving for the digital age. Founded in 2013, Card Isle works to make greeting cards more personal, accessible and meaningful. Card Isle has brought to market multiple internet connected print-on-demand greeting card technologies and is the leading personalized greeting card provider in the floral, grocery and ecommerce markets. Card Isle partners with hundreds of independent artists around the world to bring personalized and unique designs to retailers near you. If you would like to learn more about Card Isle, visit or email

About Family Flowers

Family Flowers began as a single mom-and-pop store in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1952. They have always been passionate about brightening people’s days with flowers for all occasions, from everyday to wedding days. To this day, they remain 100% family owned and operated by members of the McCarthy Family and are committed to providing unbeatable service - one customer at a time.